Keto BHB: A Metabolite Designed To Boost Your Health

Keto BHB: A Metabolite Designed To Boost Your Health

The ketogenic diet is in vogue and it is for one reason only: the benefits it brings to our body.

Keto Diet Meal

This miraculous lifestyle has been shown to decrease the incidence, prevalence, and mortality of many dangerous chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks. 

Let us remember that when we stop consuming carbohydrates (ketogenic diet), other compounds that come from fat metabolism begin to form and secrete.

Keto BHB is one of the three main ketones released in this lifestyle, about which scientists have been very interested since it seems to be the only one that can be artificially reproduced.

Can you imagine having the benefits of a ketogenic diet just by taking one pill a day?

Vitaful Keto BHB

This is what the experts have proposed and they have been testing it for some time. Some of the benefits that Keto BHB has demonstrated are:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Function
  • Many cells in our body can use ketone bodies as fuel to continue to function. In fact, according to experts, ketones can provide much more energy than ordinary carbohydrates. 

    Heart cells can also use ketones and even improve their cardiovascular function. Based on available scientific studies, it appears that Keto BHB may promote the expression of certain factors on the heart that act as "Anti-ischemic.” One of these factors is called Hemooxygenase-1 and is usually seen only with the stimulation of BHB (1, 2).

  •  Every Neuron Counts
  • Just as heart cells use ketone bodies as fuel, so do neurons. In fact, it seems that the same Hemooxygenase-1 can protect our nerve cells in the same way (2).

    However, the action of Keto BHB on our brain does not stop there. Several studies have confirmed that the use of this ketone body can bring clear improvements in mental function, especially memory and cognition. There are even several scientific studies that seem to highlight the potential of this compound to treat such delicate and complicated diseases as Alzheimer's (3).

    It seems that inhibition of certain specific factors, caused by Keto BHB, can improve our memory and maximize cognitive performance. It may even, according to more advanced studies, stimulate neurogenesis. The potential of this small molecule on our brain is incredible (4).

  •  Diabetes and Insulin
  • It should be stressed that ketone bodies act as natural hypoglycemics, however, perhaps the most important feature of these compounds is that they can be used regardless of how the release of insulin is working.

    In both diabetes and insulin resistance, there are problems with the secretion of this hormone, so we need a compound that can provide us with energy without using it. That's where our ketone bodies and keto BHB come in.

    Still, it seems that this ketone can improve the condition of patients with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance because it improves the sensitivity of muscle and tissue to this hormone. This is the main cause of these diseases and by treating it with keto BHB; we improve the quality of life significantly (5).

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